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Economic Development

Matt Heaton is committed to creating jobs and opportunities in St George, UT. He believes that investing in well-paying, quality careers is key to growing our economy. It will allow our kids to work and live in the community. Matt wants to focus on providing workforce training programs, bringing new employers and businesses into the region, and encouraging more innovative and entrepreneurial start-ups.

Affordable Housing

Matt Heaton is dedicated to making sure St George has a robust, affordable housing market. He understands the need for quality and safe housing for all citizens and will work with local governments and other stakeholders to make this happen. He wants to reduce barriers to homeownership, create incentives for developers to build more affordable homes in the city, and increase access to government-funded housing programs.

Issues Matt Heaton is Fighting For


Matt Heaton is committed to improving the infrastructure of our city. He understands that a strong infrastructure is key for economic growth and wants to focus on maintaining a proactive approach to infrastructure. He understands energy efficiency needs will only increase as the city grows and technology continues to improve.
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St George has now marked its spot on the map as a world renowned destination for recreational activities of all kinds. Everyone has their jam and people come here from all over the world for hiking, biking, climbing, golfing, running, marathon, triathlon, boating, soccer, baseball, photography, and the list goes on. Our trails, parks, events, and programs are, and always have been a part of the lifeblood of this community. It is crucial we stay on top of the facilities and trails we have, keeping them clean and beautiful so that people will continue wanting to live, work, and play here. Recreation is such an important part of our economy and we should always provide a top notch experience.
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Water is an ongoing issue that weighs on everyone’s mind. Unfortunately there is not a “one-stop” answer to this issue. Matt believes thinking on a smaller scale within the community can help bring big ideas on how to ensure water for our future. We have had an outstanding water year this year but that will not solve this issue. We happen to live in one of the drier parts of the second driest state in America. It will take a collaborative effort from our community to ensure this city can continue to grow and water needs to be a part of that plan.
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With Matt Heaton as a City Council Member, St George can become a great place that offers quality jobs, affordable housing, and top-notch infrastructure accessible to everyone. If you agree with Matt's vision and want to make St George an exceptional place to live, work, and play, please consider donating to his campaign. Every donation counts and your support is greatly appreciated! Thank you for helping make St George a better community for all!
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